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Serving Trent Hills, Campbellford, Hastings, Norwood, Havelock, Marmora and beyond

Serving Trent Hills, Campbellford, Hastings, Norwood, Havelock, Marmora and beyond


Eyelash and Brow Tinting

Nothing defines your face better than the perfect brow and notice-me lashes.

At Suzanne’s we offer eyelash and brow tinting, a safe and semi-permanent way to give your face a boost.

We use Refecto Cil tinting products and carry eight natural shades — pure black, granite, blue/black, deep blue, natural brown, light brown, chestnut and red — to complement every skin type. Our tinting technique, which is performed by our certified technician, yields results that typically last four to six weeks.

Brow Tint

  • $20 (30 minutes)

Lash Tint

  • $25 (30 minutes)

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Waxing, a highly effective way to rid yourself of unwanted facial and body hair, offers longer lasting results than shaving or depilatory cream.

At Suzanne’s we offer customized waxing services to gently remove hair, leaving your skin smooth and soft.

Our treatment rooms and equipment are sanitized between each and every client and fresh wipes are supplied for your comfort and care. Our therapist wears gloves for each and every session and we enforce a zero double-dipping policy.

Facial waxing

Waxing leaves your face smooth and hair-free and may even reduce hair growth over time.

  • $40 (30 minutes)

During your session, you will choose the areas you wish to have waxed. Please note, this treatment does not include brow shaping.

  • $15 (20 minutes)

Brow waxing offers a precision that other hair removal methods do not. After a session at Suzanne’s you will leave with perfectly shaped brows.

Upper lip or chin
  • $10 (15 minutes)

This quick treament will leave your problem areas smooth and soft.

Body waxing

After your skin is prepped and dried, wax will be applied in small sections. Once dried, skin is held taut and the wax is removed quickly in the direction opposite to the hair’s growth.

  • $18 (30 minutes)

Come to Suzanne’s to get your smoothest underarms ever. Results last up to four weeks.

Lower leg
  • $30 (40 minutes) 

This treatment will leave your legs smooth and silky from the knee down.

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